COVID-19 - Policy & Measures

The management of Dekelia Hotel informs the public about the measures that have already taken in order prevent the spread of the SARS-CoV-2. The safety and the security of our guests, team members and associates has always been a top priority for the management of our hotel. Given the effects of COVID-19, we have developed in consultation with local health authorities (ΕΟΔΥ) and based on the global hygiene protocols of WHO and CDC, a framework of measures in order to ensure safety and make our hygiene protocols even more rigorous.


  • Cooperation (24/7) with medical center and specialized doctor in order to protect guest’s health and effectively anticipate a possible Covid – 19 incident.
  • Education and training of hotel employees upon the new protocols of hygiene & safety against Covid-19.
  • Hand sanitizing stations have been placed at the public areas (entrances, near the front desk, elevator fitness and meeting spaces) for extensive use from guests and staff.


  • Provision and extensive use of Personal Protective Equipment from hotel staff of all departments according to the guidelines given.
  • Periodic education and training upon guidelines and updated measures concerning covid-19.


  • Reengineering F.O. processes in order to minimize the time guests have to spend at reception desk.
  • Expansion of the time between check in (15:00pm) & check out (11:00am).
  • Room allocation in different wings (when is feasible).
  • Advance checkout is available while bills can be prepared without physical contact
  • Electronic invoicing and contactless payment is encouraged
  • Measurement of guest’s temperature at hotel’s entrance.
  • Disinfection of room keys with UVC technology.
  • Medical kit provision in case of covid-19 incident.
  • Use of signage in lobbies and public spaces to remind guests to maintain social distancing protocols.
  • Removal or re-arrangement of furniture to allow more space for distancing.
  • Placement of partitions at front desk to provide an extra level of precaution.


  • Enhanced cleaning and disinfecting processes at all rooms and public areas by using steam cleaning machines and hospital-grade disinfectants.
  • Surfaces in common areas undergo disinfection treatment every 60 minutes, with greater emphasis and frequency on the frequently touched surfaces (such as doorknobs, handles, elevator keys, front-desk surfaces).
  • Rooms are thoroughly sanitized with industry-leading cleaning products before guest’s arrival. Additionally, all surfaces are thoroughly disinfected with steam and disinfectant detergents. The textile surfaces are cleaned with a steam generator (temperature > 70°) and cloth specific disinfecting detergents.
  • Every day room cleaning is subject to the guest’s will.
  • Increased cleaning frequency of the pool area and its facilities.


  • Breakfast buffet process is modified to comply with the new measures. Guests are served from our employees, disinfection at restaurant’s entrance is applied and plexiglass partitions are used.
  • Open-air setting of our restaurant and 1,5 meters distancing among tables is applied.
  • Dining at a la carte restaurant is fully serviced and guest can enjoy our menu at the outdoor patio of our restaurant.
  • Menus can acceded digitally through guest app
  • PPE are used by our staff during the operation of bars & restaurant.
  • Kitchen operation & food production in accordance with HACCP protocols.
  • Extra sanitization practices are used in all food production areas.


  • Safe distances between sun beds and umbrellas is maintained
  • Reinforced cleaning and disinfection of all sun beds & tables after use
  • Systematic chlorination of pool water with appropriate products as always
  • Sanitization station for guests and employees are placed & signage for maintain
    social distancing are used.


  • In cooperation with certified companies & suppliers we have implement the following actions:
  • Total – general anti covid-19 disinfection of the hotel (public spaces, guest rooms, bars, restaurants, kitchens, meeting rooms, gym, back offices, pool area etc).
  •  Chemical disinfection of the A/C network and chlorination of the water supply network.
  • Renewal and chlorination of pool water as ordinary – always programmed.
  • Provision for future general anti covid-19 disinfection based on the pandemic spread in the country


Due to public health reasons and in compliance with the protocol on tourism accommodation businesses, we record the details of our staff and guests (name, nationality, arrival/departure date, telephone, e-mail and address), always respecting the relevant legislative framework on the protection of personal data and privacy.
The implementation and effectiveness of the above framework of measures will be monitored and evaluated on a daily basis and will be updated and modified if needed, following the guidelines of the the appropriate health authorities